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With multiple company owned transborder trucks moving between Canada and the United States daily and operation teams in both countries Aerostream can provide the highest threshold of service of cross border logistics companies in North America.  With multiple clients and a proven track record getting your shipments across the border and through both US and Canada customs is an everyday occurrence for us.   Partnered with both US and Canada customs we prioritize security and safety through all our transborder moves.  This focus has allowed us to build relationships with customs in both countries gaining C-TPAT and PIP certifications.


In recent years Aerostream has expanded its services into local cartage throughout  Seattle, Vancouver and the Lower BC Mainland. Using a fleet of approximately 30+ trucks specializing exclusively in local cartage allows us to be more flexible, efficient and time sensitive than most of our competitors in the region.  With drivers throughout the region we're ready when you call.


Whether you're forwarding a shipment to us or you need it to be forwarded somewhere else. You can take comfort knowing that your shipment is picked-up and delivered by the same company that has done the cross-border line-haul.  With our network of agents across the globe no distance is too far.

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